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Alimony Amounts

Who Should Get What and for How Long?

For many couples who divorce in Florida, whether spousal support (sometimes called alimony or "maintenance") should be paid at all is a critical issue. Even more pressing is the amount of money that will be paid or received, as well as the duration of the payments. Understanding your realistic options and identifying the right strategy demand guidance from an attorney who knows relevant laws and how they are often applied by courts throughout Florida.

Trustworthy Experience-Based Advice

At The Law Offices of Elkins & Elkins, our knowledgeable Orlando-area alimony payment lawyers will work hard to protect your financial interests and future. Applying experience gained in more than 10,000 prior divorce cases at all levels of complexity, we will carefully analyze your situation, provide you with advice based on our experience and Florida's alimony guidelines, and propose the most effective strategy, beginning with a free consultation.

Meticulous Investigation and Planning

Unlike child support, which is usually a straightforward calculation covered by statutory guidelines, Florida judges have substantial discretion in ordering spousal support. Planning and preparation — sometimes including efforts to expose hidden income or consult a vocational expert, for example — are critical. We remain at the forefront of this area of law; we stay up-to-date on all potential and actual alimony reforms that pass through the Florida Legislature, and Alan Elkins - one of our firm's partners - is routinely asked to speak at seminars and conferences regarding alimony and family law reform.

How to Determine Alimony

Whether you are focused on obtaining a fair alimony order to sustain your lifestyle or minimizing what you must pay, we help you take all key considerations into account when deciding on a course of action in your divorce. This includes looking at all state guidelines and factors that a court will look at if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement.

These factors include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse's respective age, health, income, education and work history
  • Whether one spouse worked while the other pursued higher education
  • Whether one parent was responsible for child care full time
  • All other unique aspects of your marital life and financial situation

We have guided thousands of people through all steps in the divorce process, successfully resolving many complex financial disputes along the way. At Elkins & Elkins, you can count on dedicated attention from a family law attorney determined to earn the best overall divorce outcome for you. We also pursue many post-divorce modifications for alimony and other orders when justified by a major change in circumstances.

Call Today to Discuss Your Florida Alimony Concerns

We offer evening and weekend appointments and will pick up the phone when you call or get back to you promptly. For a helpful, confidential consultation focused on your needs, call or contact us online anytime.



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The Elkins & Freedman law firm was effective, responsive, and knowledgeable to me during my dire family law situation. Before hiring Mr. Elkins, my ex-girlfriend/mother of my child was not letting me see my child. After hiring Mr. Elkins, I got my child at least half the time. I was most impressed with Mr. Elkins ability and willingness to directly level with my ex-girlfriend/mother of my child, whom initially was uncooperative and not represented. I sincerely felt that Mr. Elkins was my advocate and he got the job done. I highly recommend Mr. Elkins and the Elkins & Freedman law firm to anyone who needs legal representation.

Kendall G.

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